WE did it!!

So, after all the worrying, late nights, extra grey hairs, and long to do lists  I made the first week! So happy and very proud of myself. How did it go? Well, unlike a shop when you open the shop door for the grand launch with balloons outside and all the fuss, customers do generally come. Even if they don’t buy anything and  they come inside just because they are nosey, they still have a little wonder. With an online boutique, its somewhat different. In fact very, very different. You need to view your analytics to see if you have any visitors.   Anyway talking about the ins and outs of running an online boutique is for another blog.

What have I learnt? I have learnt that you cant do everything, Its perfectly ok that you aren’t able to do everything. Super Women does not exist!  We all have our weaknesses and it takes strength to be able to identify what they are and to bring people on board  who strengths are your weaknesses.  I did, it helped tremendously. Not only does the person have expertise within the chosen field but Im able to brainstorm with another person. I was able to articulate my vision and they were not only able to buy into it but work closely with me to make it happen. As a single mum of 2 Im used to doing things on my own, not asking for help or relying on anybody else. However what I am doing is building a team of expertise around me. As a team we can all grow is what I have learnt!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss D Boutique


A message from the intern…

Hi, I’m Tanya!

I work as the social media intern for Miss D Boutique. I started last week and have been super busy since then as we launch the website in just three days!

My time so far has included updating all of the Miss D Boutique social media accounts with relevant and up-to-date information. From there, I’ve been creating and scheduling lots of content to post across our social media platforms and get people excited for the opening!

This blog is a chance to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Miss D Boutique. As well as posting exclusive behind the scenes content, we’ll be sharing our opinions and takes on current trends as well as letting you know what will be available on the website!

Tanya x

And the countdown begins…

So, I’m writing this with a few days before the grand opening of my online boutique. Crazy? Don’t bother, it will take too much time, you will have no time for the kids, where are you going to find the time? These are the things that I have been saying to myself over and over for the last few months. In fact, if I’m honest I have wanted to open this boutique for ages, but I sat on the idea. Scared that it won’t work, scared that it will fail, scared of all types of crap. But, sometimes you just have to jump in. So in four days time it will be the grand opening of Miss D Boutique.

The to-do list is never ending. After feeding the kids, cleaning up after the kids, etc… I flop into bed and wake up at 3am this morning in a panic after remembering, shit. I need to have something to send the orders out in. So, the to-do list had just become a bit longer. This blog, my first blog is to us women! We really are amazing. So here is to the women who are striving, wanting to achieve their dreams, trying to make it out here, trying to leave some kind of legacy for our kids. Let’s just flipping do it. Strong women, may we be them and continue to raise them.

Miss D Boutique

…PS. If you see any spelling mistakes or the layout is a bit off, please close your eyes to it xx